Tamara Haag

Lucia will always have a special place in my heart for role she played in both of my births.

During my first pregnancy my husband and I took hypnobirthing classes with her. Once each session started, it was amazing how powerful her calming influence was. Thanks to her hypnobirthing coaching, I was able to labor for hours on a low dose of pitocin without an epidural or any pain medication in a quiet, calm state. I still marvel at that labor, which had some dicey moments until I was able to “get into the hypnobirthing zone” and was able to create a quiet place in the midst of the storm of contractions.

For my second pregnancy we did a “hypnobirthing refresher,” and I had just discovered that my baby was transverse, and if he didn’t flip within five days my care providers were going to do transversion. My session with Lucia was the day before my transversion appointment, and when I mentioned that to Lucia she said, “We’ll work on that too.” Once we were deep into the session, and I had attained a level of peace and relaxation, she began telling my body to relax and create space, and then she began telling the baby how heavy its head felt, how good it would feel to move its head down, etc., and all of a sudden THWUMP, my baby turned! It was such a huge, sudden movement that I was surprised. The movement was so major that Lucia was able to see it from her seat several feet away. She said, “I see you moving in there, baby.”

Sure enough, at my appointment the next day the midwife confirmed that my baby’s head was indeed down and excellently positioned for a healthy labor. I never in a million years would have believed that a baby could be talked into turning, but seeing is believing. I now have two beautiful children, and I will always be grateful to Lucia for her part in helping me bring them safely into the world.