Doula and Postpartum Services

Our joy is to support emerging mothers with evidence-based doula practices!

We will meet with you prenatally to assist in planning your birth vision, meet your healthcare provider, practice comfort measures, and answer any questions you may have. When labor begins, we will join you at whatever point you choose and support you with words of encouragement, acupressure, massage, walking, reminders of your birth wishes, and more. We will be there to support your partner by giving breaks and helping them know how to support you. Immediately after birth, if you choose to breastfeed, we will assist with the first feeding so that you and baby start off well in your breastfeeding relationship. We will visit you at least twice postpartum, usually once in the hospital and once at home, to assure that you and your new family member feel supported and have what you need in this vulnerable time of transition.

Certified Doula Services: $900

Apprentice Doula Services $400

If you desire additional postpartum support, you can utilize our postpartum care package which includes ten hours of care for parents and baby – meaning we will let you rest, shower, eat, etc. while we hold baby. We recommend new mothers get as much rest as possible and even have a “lying-in” period after birth. It takes more than a week or two! This is also an opportunity to learn about baby wearing and assure that your breastfeeding relationship is off to a great start.

Postpartum Care Package: $250 ten hour minimum, $20 per hour after first ten hours