Why Babywearing is Developmentally Appropriate

What makes babywearing so vital for development?

Baby in a sling with her mom at the pool

It’s not only great for getting the laundry done while keeping your baby happy, it also teaches your little one about the world you live in! Babies don’t like being put down because they’ve been connected with you for so long, and that connection doesn’t end at birth.

Babywearing gives them a front row seat to the rhythm of your days and gives them the opportunity to use all of their senses as you go about your business. They’ll feel the splash from the sink as you wash your dishes, they’ll smell the garlic as you chop it up for dinner, they’ll hear the broom swish across the kitchen floor. Most importantly, their needs will be met immediately as they need to feed, sleep, or have a diaper change, and in turn they learn that they can completely trust their caregivers. They desire to be involved in family life from day one!

Your baby misses all of these sensations if they are always in a bouncer or bassinet. Of course, there are times when you may need to put them down; this is not an all or nothing situation.

Babywearing is also such a great way for non-birthing partners to bond with their little ones if they aren’t the ones doing the feedings. It also increases neck strength and decreases the need for as much tummy time.

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