Why Hire a Doula?

Approaching childbirth is a thrilling, life changing, sometimes scary time for new parents. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though! That’s where doulas come in. Doulas provide informational, physical, and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth. Doulas are not medical professionals, but they work in tangent with your healthcare provider and your birth support team. According to NCBI, doulas improve outcomes for new parents and empower them as they begin their parenting journeys. The word “doula” is derived from the Greek word that means servant. They are always ready to step in to support you and your partner!

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Hire a Doula to Answer Your Questions

There are so many questions that come up. Should you hire a midwife or OBGYN? Should you deliver at home or in a hospital? What exactly is a birth center? Do you want an epidural? How do I write a birth plan? Is my partner going to pass out at the sights they’ll see along the way?

A doula will help you prepare before labor even begins. Since childbirth is their specialty, they can answer your questions about many different scenarios and interventions. The more information you gain, the better when it comes to childbirth. Sometimes doulas even teach childbirth classes, as well.

Hire a Doula to Provide Physical Comfort Measures

Doulas are trained to support people during labor with physical comfort measures. This includes massage, acupressure, position suggestions, activity suggestions, and more. Doulas love to figure out which comfort measures work best for you during labor. Making labor as easy as possible for you is always the goal.

There may be times in labor when you are unsure what to do next. Doulas are great at suggesting position changes, walking with you, or recommending that you try to rest. They’re also great at getting your birth partner involved. Your partner likely wants to support you but often doesn’t know how, so having suggestions from a professional is a wonderful resource.

Hire a Doula to Provide Emotional Support

Labor is not simply a physical process. It takes willpower, endurance, and motivation. A doula will reassure you that everything you’re experiencing is normal. They’ll give you encouragement when you need it. They’ll hold a space for the inevitable emotional release.

Doulas also help you debrief from the experience after your baby is born. Since you experienced labor together, your doula is the perfect person to rehash your birth story with.

A doula is a valuable part of your birth team! At By Your Leave, we want everyone who wants a doula to have one, which is why we offer financial options and scholarships. Message us to learn more!

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