Postpartum Mood Disorders are Unique for Each Person

A counselor once told me, “Depression is anger that fell asleep.”


It is not your fault.

You are not a bad mother.

Your kids will know you love them.

Anger might come out of nowhere.

You might throw things against the wall.

The mirror shows a stranger.

Sleep is evasive

It feels never-ending.

It will end.

Taking medication could save your life.

When you smile, it might not feel real.

Your partner wants to help but may not know how.

You need to talk to your partner.

You might be physically sick.

The fatigue is crushing.

Yoga and meditation are effective if you have motivation enough to do them.

Sunlight and fresh air have healing powers.

You won’t want to see friends.

You need to see friends.

Hours on Netflix or Facebook are only a distraction from true self-care.

You may struggle to see your kids’ good qualities.

There is guilt hidden within every little decision of the day.

Getting out of bed is a chore.

Getting out of the house seems impossible.

Counseling is invaluable.

It’s hard to notice the positive parts of the day.

You may cry every day.

You may not be able to cry.

Panic attacks can be frightening.

The loneliness is overwhelming.



Reach out if you can. Most people around you probably have no idea how much you’re struggling, but would love to support you if they knew.


I found this website very helpful: